Our aim is to provide our customers with a simple solution to applying lashes.

Never tried magnetic lashes before? You NEED this beauty hack in your life.

Our magnetic lashes are super easy to apply. They are cruelty-free and made from safe ingredients that do not harm your natural lashes. 

You can also wear 44Blinqs® magnetic lashes 40+ times, saving you money in the long run!

Is this sounding like your dream lash?

We got you!

A message from adelle...

I was always that girl panicking in the mirror before a night out because I couldn’t stick my lashes on. Magnetic eyelashes eliminated that stress and I knew straight away that I wanted to start my own brand to help solve this problem for many of you. I spent months trying different suppliers to source the best quality lashes and I am fully confident you will love these lashes as much as I do! 

44Blinqs is about feeling empowered. It’s about following your dreams and never settling. Its about stepping into your power and realizing who the F you are.