Magnetic lashes are the ultimate beauty hack.
Here are the reasons why we are fully OBSESSED with magnetic lashes and why thousands of people are opting for this innovative lash concept that is seriously changing the game...

Do you spend hours getting ready only to DREAD the moment you have to apply your lashes? Girl, we hear you and we can RELATE! 

Switching fom lash glue to magnetic lashes completely eliminates that problem. You just apply the magnetic liner as you would a normal liquid eyeliner. Once dry, place the magnetic lash along the lash line and VOILAAAAA! Flawless lashes in 30 seconds. You'll never be late again!

Lash glue is THE most toxic item in your make up bag. It can cause many affects, from redness and swelling to severe infections and cancer. There have been many studies on the dangers of lash glue which have been documented around the world.

Magnetic lashes are a safer alternative to lash glue.

At 44Blinqs® we are completely against using mink and harming fur babies, in fact it breaks our heart that some lash brands still opt to use it when there is no need!

Our magnetic lashes are all made from Korea PBT fiber and are the fluffiest lashes you will ever wear! We pride ourselves on the premium standard of our lashes and love how many compliments we have recieved about the quality.

Our lashes cost 50p per wear compared to £60 every 3/4 weeks for a lash technician.

You can now achieve the Russian lash look without breaking the bank!

Using lash glue and getting infills can cause hair loss and stumpy lashes... NOT a vibe!

Our magnetic lashes are SO easy to apply and remove. The magnetic liner won't stick to your natural lashes (unlike lash glue), meaning the process of removing the lashes won't damage them.

If taken care of properly, our lashes can be used 30+ times, due to a long-lasting lash band.

We recommend cleaning the magnets on the lash band with a cotton bud and micellar water after every use, to remove any residue liner and place the lashes back into the box.