Top 3 Beauty Trends And Hacks For 2022

Your future go-to choices for a creative and unique year with these beauty trends 2022

After everything we’ve been through with the pandemic, it seems like there are no more rules or “restrictions” when it comes to makeup and beauty trends—thank God!—let us show you why.

If you’re looking for the latest beauty trends for 2022, below you can read the top 3 that will surely make a statement in every month of this incredible year.

1. Magnetic Lashes

The number one beauty trend of 2022 has to be magnetic eyelashes. The innovative alternative to toxic lash glue came to make a statement you ought to know about this year. Magnetic lashes look exactly the same as regular false eyelashes but without the risk of damaging your eyes. Further, they last longer and look incredible even after many uses. 

The thing with magnetic falsies is that they provide an outstanding result for your final makeup look while looking after your health. They have small little magnets that hold for long periods to your lash line without hurting and allow you to trim the lashes according to your eye shape in just a few seconds. They are also incredibly easy to apply.

2. Reverse Cat Eye

Your future go-to makeup look has arrived, and here’s everything you need to know about the reverse cat-eye trend for a super glamorous 2022. We all love the all-time favourite cat-eye look, but the reverse version has to be one of the greatest additions to this year.

If you want to achieve that amazing fierce look, then you should learn to focus your makeup on your lower lash line up to your temple (or less if you want a more subtle look). You can play around with colours and combinations for a unique result, apart from the classic black, and now trending warm tones. What’s more, there are no rules when it comes to a reverse cat eye, so you can wing your undereye as far as you want, as well as blend your lash line shadow as much as your heart desires. 

3. Metallic Makeup

HBO’s Euphoria created a true revolution around the world, which encouraged people to go crazy with their makeup and explore different styles and colours they’ve never felt comfortable with wearing outside. The trend is stepping strongly this 2022 and that’s why metallic makeup has come to stay for a while.

From violets, pinks, vibrant greens, and blues, as well as reds and oranges, all metallic-based colours are super trendy right now, and you should keep an eye out for them. Why not go full-out and combine a reverse cat eye with metallic eyeshadow (and highlight!) with some magnetic falsies for an ultimate glamorous look?

The sky's the limit, and 2022 is all about exploring your creative side, so don’t be afraid and start playing around with what you have!

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