Here’s Why You Should Switch From Toxic Lash Glue To Magnetic Eyelashes

The top 3 reasons to throw away your toxic glue and damaged pair of falsies and switch to magnetic eyelashes right now

False eyelashes are no new addition to the beauty game, and since they are one of the go-to choices for many, there are a few things worth discussing. Eyelash glue is essential for applying your falsies, but do you know how dangerous they can actually be?

If you want to look after your health and discover a similar but less abrasive option, this article is for you. Below you can read about the top 3 reasons why you should switch from regular falsies with toxic eyelash glue to magnetic eyelashes.  

Bye-Bye Lash Glue Danger

The first reason why you should highly consider switching from regular lash glue to magnetic false eyelashes is to prevent your eyelids and lash line from being hurt. The adhesive eyelash glue contains many toxins that can cause injuries to both your eyelids (occasional eyelash misplacing) and your lash line, ultimately resulting in permanent damage to your real eyelashes.

Since your false lashes are glued on top of your real ones, the constant use of toxic glue can significantly hurt your eyes. That’s why magnetic lashes play a key role in helping you look as fabulous as always while looking after your health.

Magnetic Eyelashes Last Longer

Unlike many people might think, magnetic false eyelashes last longer and they can even help you save a lot of money if used and cleaned properly. You see, common eyelashes require a special glue made for them, which starts to deteriorate the integrity of the false eyelashes you apply; and if you don’t really clean the glue afterward or take the time to carefully remove them from your eyes, you have a true recipe for disaster.

Magnetic eyelashes do look a bit more expensive at first glance, but if you think about it, isn’t it better to invest in something that can help you in the future? Not only you’d be saving up money on eyelash glue and tons of pairs of false eyelashes, but on possible medical treatment as well. As we stated in the previous point, eyelash glue can be a true danger. 

Less Risk To An Allergic Reaction

Continuing with the risks of eyelash glue, you must consider if you have allergies or what to do in case of a sudden allergic reaction when applying it. With magnetic lashes, there’s no risk of anything regarding your eyes, eyelids, and lash line, which is why they have become the go-to choice for many.

Eyelash glue is not something you should apply without proper investigation or at least reading the components of each bottle. Some don’t even display it, which already screams danger.

At 44Blinqs®, you can purchase safely knowing that each pair of magnetic lashes is made with certified materials, all vegan and cruelty-free.



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