3 Magnetic Eyelashes Hacks You MUST Know This 2022

Learn how to apply magnetic falsies like a pro with these useful tips

Magnetic falsies are your new favourite acquisition for 2022, and if you’re looking for the best hacks to apply them like a true pro, this article will come in handy. Below you can learn the top 3 magnetic eyelashes hacks you must know this year to take your makeup look to the next level.

1. Let The Magnetic Eyeliner Dry First

A common mistake when it comes to applying magnetic eyelashes is not letting the magnetic liner dry first. Why is it important to let it dry? In simple terms, regular eyeliner contains iron oxide (chemical compounds formed with iron and oxygen) and magnetic eyeliner contains a bit more of this than common eyeliner, allowing it to become magnetic. It is completely safe and has been approved by many official institutions around the world, so you can purchase it peacefully without any chance of risk.

Now, back to the magnetic eyelash hack. Allowing the liner to dry will help your magnetic falsies to stick better since the liquid is already in place and perfectly still in your lash line. Further, make sure to apply the magnetic eyeliner as close to your actual lashes as possible to ensure a natural and long-lasting result.

2. Trim Your Magnetic Falsies To Fit Your Eyes

As with regular false eyelashes, magnetic falsies can also be trimmed to fit your eye shape and give you a fitted look. Trimming them is super easy, and you only need a small sharp pair of scissors.

Simply grab your pair of magnetic eyelashes, place them in your lash line (without the magnetic liner) and measure how much you need to cut. Then, place your lashes between your fingers and locate the nearest magnet (found in the back of each pair) closest to the outer corner and simply cut a straight line before the magnet.

Please do not, under any circumstance, try to cut your magnetic lashes after applying them with the liner. You can accidentally cut your real lashes or, with a sudden movement, cut near the area of your eye.

3. Clean Your Lashes After Each Use

Magnetic eyelashes can also be cleaned after each use, just like regular false eyelashes, and you should do it religiously. If you want to have long-lasting falsies you must pay attention to their aftercare to ensure they look their best as well as to help you prevent any injuries. 

After using them, grab a dry or damp piece of cotton —it is recommended that you use micellar water— and clean off the magnets properly. After doing this, place your lashes in their case and you’re ready for using them next time without trouble.

Long-Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes

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